Start-ups & ENLION

We enjoy the flexibility of a startup and we know that success only comes with the right people and mindset.

After working with quite a few young businesses, we learned what are their struggles and what are their concerns when entering the digital marketing environment. Evaluating your objectives and discovering the resources required to reach them is difficult for all businesses. You shouldn’t worry. Our team is here to help you.

We know you are focused on the big vision and we can get there together. It’s not going to be easy, but we will make it worth your efforts.


Clarity is very important for all parties to be able to move forward. We will make sure we sit on common ground and together we will establish clear, measurable objectives.

We should have a talk about your business. Tell us about it here and we will propose and establish together short, medium and long term objective to make sure you will have a lean healthy growth.

This is about your customer

Digital Marketing is a bridge to your clients. To reach the potential market, you must be able to communicate to your customers anytime, anywhere they are with the right message.

Have a brief look at our packages to make a better idea on what needs to be covered by your company in digital terms to make your business available for those who need you. It is quite a journey and we will take it together.

Continuous improvement

Through the digital marketing bridge, you will enable your stakeholders to give you plenty feedback loop. Gathering relevant data in a constant manner will result in continuous improvement for your company by fine-tuning the message you send across.

Improvement is not something you will reach with traditional marketing and we know that. We must schedule a proper digital strategy that fits your amazing product and only after that we can add the classic marketing to sustain the growth.

ENLION team together with your company will deliver a combination of multiple growth engines to reach your big vision.