Web Development

What is Web Development?

What is Web Development?

Web Development is when we transform graphic designed web pages in real websites. Web Development is also when you want to upgrade or add features to an existing website.

These are examples when you would need Web Development:

  • You have a new design for your website and you want to use it.
  • You have a website but you want to add more features.
  • You need to migrate a website to a more modern platform.

How we deliver the Web Development service

The first step would be assigning a project manager from both sides. The project manager on your side may be yourself or a person you assign.

The responsibilities of the project manager from your side are:

  • Decision maker for all project items that need approval.
  • Ensure a smooth and effective communication between us.
  • Coordinate your team members.

ENLION project manager is key contact person for you and responsible with excellent delivery of services.

We liaise with your project manager to write the product backlog. Product backlog is a document describing all features the website will have. In case you request features at first not included in the product backlog we will consider them change requests and will be subject to a fee.

We use a test server to develop your website — a staging server. The server will be accessible by you but will block the search engines like Google. Thus we make sure the under development website is not reachable by the public.

We will develop each website page on the staging server. We update all features until they match the product backlog.

After developing and getting approval for the entire website on the staging server we will migrate it to the live server. Now the website is done and goes live.


This is the list of deliverables for Web Development service:

  • Product backlog.
  • Website developed on staging server.
  • Website migrated to live server.
  • For complex web development projects we will provide you with server specification.


The Web Development service doesn’t include:

  • Content creation for pages (the copy).
  • Logo design or redesign.
  • Design or redesign for various pages.
  • Hosting for the live website.
  • Domain name.

Should you need any of these extra services, we will provide them for a fee.