Web Design

Webdesign at a glance

Webdesign at a glance

You are a business owner or you want to start a new business. You consider Internet as sale and marketing channels.

Examples when you need Web Design:

  • You have a website but you are not pleased with the way it looks and you want to change it or you want to improve the way various sections looks.
  • You don’t have a website and you want one.

If you fit in any of these examples our Web Design service can help your business.

How we work to deliver the Web Design service

The first step would be assigning a project manager from both sides. The project manager on your side may be yourself or a person you assign.

The responsibilities of the project manager from your side are:

  • Decision maker for all project items that need approval.
  • Ensure a smooth and effective communication between us.
  • Coordinate your team members.

ENLION project manager is key contact person for you and responsible with excellent delivery of services.

We will liaise with your project manager to create the complete list of pages for the website. We call this document sitemap.

We will create sketches (wireframes) for each page of the sitemap to illustrate the layout of the page. We will liaise with your project manager until the approval of each wireframe.

Based on the approved wireframes we create full design for each page of the sitemap. We will liaise with your project manager until each page design is approved.

After finishing the entire design work and payment procession we will provide you with all file sources and transfer ownership rights to you.


The complete list of deliverables:

  • Sitemap for the entire website, outlining the full list of pages and the website structure.
  • Sketches for each page for mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Full design for each page for mobile, tablet and desktop.


The Web Design service doesn’t include:

  • Content creation for pages (the copy).
  • Design or redesign of your logo.
  • Web Development for the designed pages.

Should you need any of these extra services, we will provide them for a fee.