Pay per Click Management

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is the main paid advertising model for the online community. Bringing relevant traffic to your website is crucial for reaching your objectives with your online assets.

Some examples of channels that provide paid advertising are Google AdWords network, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

One very important difference between organic traffic and paid traffic is that even though organic traffic is free, paid traffic is in a more advanced level of the buying cycle and is far more likely to convert. Proper paid advertising is usually highly targeted and therefore more likely to bring in business. Organic search cannot be targeted as accurate and efficient as paid search is.

We are certified Google Partners, with certifications in Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Most of our previous campaigns managed to have ads that outperformed our clients’ competition resulting in higher placements, more clicks and therefore higher ROI.

How we work

When we start designing the strategy, we usually establish the distribution of the budget incrementally, based on the results it yields. Working like this, we can be sure that we obtain the highest ROI through careful optimization.

Paid advertising is able to generate quality traffic right away. Spend enough and you will get top placement, and potential customers will see you first. This is why you should establish your budget together with, so we can make sure there is real opportunity to generate quality traffic and no wasting is done.

When working with an agency like ours in PPC advertising, you have usually two options: you can either hire the agency to completely manage your campaign while you can focus on your core business and enjoy the results, or you can hire the agency to imprint the know-how to your team and build the strategy for in-house management.

Either way, we will make sure you receive the best possible outcome from your investment.

You are investing in

  • Keywords research;
  • Budget spending strategy,
  • Campaign strategy;
  • Campaign setup;
  • Channel selection;
  • Conversion tracking;
  • Split-test ad texts;
  • Review of results.