Online Competition Research

Through this research, we manage to identify the brand’s targeted online market share and targeted position on various key performance indicators. You will discover opportunities and weaknesses which which will lead you to be able to establish what should be the next steps to for improving your online presence.

Our online competition research can help a new business get a really good grasp in what their competitive environment is like or help an established business identify massive opportunities or potential threats in the market. The level of visibility you will gain upon your industry will definitely boost your business development. The competition research is designed to focus on your ROI potential.

Evaluating your (up to) top 50 competitors in the online environment based on indicators specific to your business is essential for improving your online results for your business. Constantly updating this research will give you an amazing advantage in your industry, enabling you to properly manage the risks of any action you are planning.

You are investing in

  • Visitors engagement with the website;
  • Global rank;
  • Pricing strategies;
  • Sales features;
  • Traffic channels contribution in total traffic;
  • Individual social media networks’ contribution to total social media traffic;
  • Top locations from where your competitors receive traffic;
  • The size of your competitors’ social media communities;
  • Fans engagement within social media communities;
  • Technical SEO data such as: domain authority, page authority, number of inbound and outbound links;
  • Usage of affiliate networks;
  • PPC analysis;
  • Blog and usage of the blog;
  • Industry specific features;
  • Industry benchmark;
  • Industry leaders benchmark;
  • Yours, and your competitors’ online market share;
  • Managerial implications;
  • Our conclusions and what we believe should be your next actions.