Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns

Naturally, your website’s traffic is divided between the following channels: Direct, Organic Search, Paid Search, Display, Social, Referral and Email. There is a good reason for Email to be considered in the main traffic channels and if you are not leveraging it, you might be losing a lot of business.

We don’t mean a spammy or boring email marketing campaign, but one of those effective ones that will engage with your subscribers at the right time as much as possible on a personal level. Email marketing campaigns must be tailored on both the audience and your objective. This does not necessarily mean presenting them with an offer.

Before we build any email campaign, we usually make sure that the subscribers database has been cleaned and segmented. This is done to make sure we have a properly targeted campaign and we avoid any spamming actions.

A call to action for email newsletter signup forms is positioned on your business’s website to convert visitors to subscribers. If you are using a CRM, subscribers will be enrolled automatically to the database after the visitor performs a purchase. The sales recorded on an e-commerce platform will become email subscribers that can be contacted with news and offers as efficient as possible.

Properly analyzing the campaigns after they start can also uncover great opportunities outside the email channel.

The email marketing channel builds great revenue generation opportunities. We will assist you with building the campaign strategy, design the needed assets, delivery and even running and managing campaigns for you through our platforms.

You are investing in

  • Email marketing strategy;
  • Email marketing configuration;
  • Email campaigns administration;
  • Design and development for all campaigns;
  • Analyze campaign results.