Conversion Rate Optimization

When building a new business you usually think how are you going to convert prospects into real customers. At some point in the process of growing your business, you start measuring what percentage of contacts turn into leads or what percentage of leads turn into real customers. As we all know, what can be measured, can be improved and this is what conversion rate optimization aims for.

In the online environment if the marketing efforts do not convert leads to lifelong customers, than maybe you are losing a lot of business. Regardless of what your goals is, you need to test and always attempt to improve the conversion to that particular objective.

Understanding your visitors

It is true that all users have a different approach to how they consume content, but thanks to various softwares and concepts, we can always improve their experience. Properly analyzing your online assets can bring us great insight on how and why users disconnect and what is missing from their experience to reach your goal.

An empirical approach

We always look for cost and time effective strategies to take action based on experimental findings.

You are investing in

  • Hypothesis testing;
  • Web analytics and measurement;
  • Iterative improvement up to the point of reaching our objective;
  • A/B testing;
  • Multivariate testing;
  • Heatmaps;
  • Clickmaps;
  • Scrollmaps.