Buyer Persona

Building Buyer Personas

Building Buyer Personas

Building marketing campaigns without having the buyer personas defined for your business will give you a hard time in having consistent ROI. The purpose in building buyer personas is to have a clear outline of your targeted audience.

Similar to a brand manual, buyer personas must be the foundation of your marketing efforts. All your marketing materials will be more suitable and you will be more efficient in reaching your objectives.

The buyer personas outline will enable you to know:

  • WHO

Who is the person you need to communicate to, in order to make the purchase happen. Pursuing someone that does not fit your customer’s profile can be very damaging for your business.

  • WHAT

There is specific information your prospects are looking for. Delivering the right information will result in your business’s development.

  • WHEN

The right man at the right time can make a difference. Depending on the buyer persona, prospects are more likely to become customer in specific moments.


Context is very important when reaching to a prospect and the buyer persona can reveal great opportunities.

You are investing in

  • Full buyer personas description for all identified customer types
  • Company information
  • Content consumption
  • Online Behavior
  • Cohort Behavior
  • Systematization of buyer personas usage in all marketing activities
  • Conclusions and recommendations for your identified buyer personas