Affiliate Network

Usually a company uses affiliate networks when it wants to focus on its core competencies in comparison to searching for potential prospects. It happens that companies tend to neglect their core operations due to lack of available resources to pursue a significant outbound sales approach, if they desire to have a more substantial marketing presence or if they intend to reach into groups of potential prospects in unrelated industries.

Setup and configuration

For an online business to properly manage its affiliate marketing, it requires an established strategy and an affiliate management software depending of the type of the business.

Our team will help you build your business’s affiliate marketing from scratch and imprint the required know-how to become autonomous in managing it in the near future.

Our first step in this service is to make a proper analysis of what are the potential gains and potential risks from your particular business to start an affiliate program.

Based on the findings we establish the affiliate programme and build the strategy for implementation. Together with your team, we will implement the software, build the referral market, systemize it, tackle any potential risk and make it profitable.

You are investing in

  • Analysis of risk and gains;
  • Affiliate programme strategy and setup;
  • Affiliate marketing strategy;
  • Integration with 3rd parties if necessary;
  • Affiliate management software selection and implementation;
  • Affiliate marketing brief training for your team;
  • Assessment of the programme and its results.