PRO-X Package

The extended version of the PRO Package, PRO-X Package was built for those companies that are willing to go the extra mile to make sure they are well positioned professionals in their industry.

For this package, we added 3 services that in the past brought our client massive financial gains. Done by professionals, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization and if the situation Affiliate Marketing will drive you to the leader position in your industry.

The list of services the PRO-X Package includes is:

We consider this package a challenge for small to medium businesses, but if you really want your company to reach to the next level, this is the thing you need to do.


With a well planned marketing strategy, we aim for your business to generate strong, growing and sustainable revenues from the online. We know all businesses need to ensure their growth and as professionals we will do that for you through digital marketing.

Let us know what are your current medium term financial objectives here and we will come back to you with a plan to exceed those with digital marketing.

One step forward

Whatever your business size, if you do not continuously improve your online presence, there is a high possibility that you are losing big money. Everybody know that an offline lead is slightly more likely to convert into a customer compare to an online lead. But we also know that the amount of quality leads the online can generate for your business is a lot bigger and more accessible compared to the offline.

The extended version of the PRO Package is what you need to take your business closer to your big vision.


The minimum duration of the PRO-X Package is 6 months.

The monthly price for this package is 6,640 €.