Sports & Health Industry — USA, Canada, Australia, UK

Our client is a manufacturer of physique training accessories for professionals active in fields like: Body building, Sports & Crossfits, Powerlifting & Strongman, Law enforcement & Military, Arm wrestling & Grip training.

The client is doing six figures sales on Amazon and Ebay but he wanted to develop its’ own online distribution channels to increase their profitability. The products are high end and have as brand ambassadors iconic figures like Phil Heath — 4 times Mister Olympia, Jay Cutler — 4 times Mister Olympia and Geoff Hale — 2 times Arnold Classic Arm-wrestling Champion.

The online community built around their brand was relatively big with over half of million fans on Facebook.

The challenge was to improve the website of the brand and to increase the online sales by leveraging existing traffic.

Our client had the entire website built around a sale page and it was not optimized for mobile devices or tablets. The American, Canadian, Australian and British websites had different designs and structure so the brand was confusing and was not sending the right and consistent signals to its’ audience.

This is where we came in and in 6 months we helped them to achieve their goals.

The first thing we did was to establish a strategy including actions that can have a positive impact on their business on short, medium and long term. We implemented the strategies based on criteria like cost, time needed to generate results and the volume of expected sales. Based on these criteria the actions were ranked and the ones with highest ranks were implemented first. This assured us that we will obtain results in a short time-frame too.

For this project we successfully delivered the following services:

  1. Pay Per Click Management
  2. Web Design
  3. Web Development
  4. Business Consultancy
  5. Conversion Rate Optimization
  6. Buyer Persona
  7. Marketing and Sales Platforms

In the end we implemented a set of modern websites that managed to increase the online sales and consolidated the brand across USA, Canada, Australia and UK under one functional umbrella.

On the course of the project we ran numerous Conversion Rate Optimization Experiments including advanced ones like shopping cart testing. We were considering 3 shopping carts as a viable solution for this project and we tested the performance of those 3 carts in the same time by redirecting equal amount of traffic to each selected shopping cart platform.

Other key component of the project was the Pay per Click campaign from Google AdWords. There we identified that the keywords selected were too general and therefore the campaign was costing too much. We fixed by reviewing the keyword selection and adjusting accordingly.

The project was challenging but in the end we accomplished our goals — more sales from proprietary online channels.