MACHT Klasse Batterien


Our client is one of the largest spare parts suppliers in Romania with a €38.000.000 turnover. The company owns an exclusive brands portfolio of spare parts, engine oil, accessories and car batteries.

The goal was to improve MACHT’s online brand awareness and Google rankings for industry related keywords and phrases. MACHT is a car batteries brand sold in the EU and CIS.

Services delivered by ENLION were:

The website has two sections, one for B2C and the other for B2B partners. B2C clients are educated about the brand across the website. We provide the end user with useful tools like:

  • Battery selector;
  • MACHT service centers finder;
  • MACHT logistical centers.

For B2B, we built a business section where we included industry-specific lead generation tools.

The web measurement plan that we delivered clarifies and demonstrate website contribution in the development of the brand. Now MACHT has a clear picture of how their website works to:

  • Build brand awareness for end users;
  • Develop the resellers network.