Events Organizers Industry — the Philippines

Our client is one of the biggest events organizers from Manila. The client is organizing corporate events for companies like: Adidas, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Lenovo, Nestlé, Peugeot, Phillips and many other big corporations.

Even though the client was a well-established business they never had a proper online business development plan. The challenge was to develop and implement an online business development plan that will secure an extra 25% of their current turnover from online generated leads in one year time-frame.

We came in and implemented a 6 months online business development plan that included the following services:

  1. Web Design
  2. Web Development
  3. Web Measurement Plan
  4. Pay Per Click Management
  5. Marketing and Sales Platforms
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Conversion Rate Optimization
  8. Business Consultancy

For this project we split the work in 2 Phases — Phase 1 was meant to put in place the required tools and knowledge that will be leveraged to generate the extra turnover during Phase 2.

In Phase 1 we redesigned their website, created new copy for their pages and we implemented an entry level business platform as the backbone of their online presence — Adobe Business Catalyst.

The reasons for choosing Adobe Business Catalyst were because it was replacing 5 systems with one centralized business oriented tool. The Adobe Business Catalyst system solved the following pressing issues the company had:

  1. The need for security — the platform is hosted on Adobe servers and the most modern security requirements like SSL certificates are part of it out of the box. Furthermore the Adobe Business Catalyst platform is natively integrated with the most secured payment gateway providers in the world, as a result all transactions made on the platform are 100% legit and secured.
  2. A modern, easy to be used, CMS system — our client staff was not technical and they needed to update the website content to publish blog articles. The CMS part of Adobe Business Catalyst is a very intuitive software and completely satisfied their needs.
  3. A centralized view over offline and online generated leads, opportunities and sales — the CRM system built in Adobe Business Catalyst was successfully adopted by clients’ sales and marketing teams. Our consultants were on client location — Manila and Batangas — for two weeks to deliver a CRM training for the sales and marketing teams. The CRM system proved to be very useful in their daily activities and together with its’ adoption they were able to improve their sales systems and processes too.
  4. Online marketing campaigns connected with the business goals — there are 3 types of companies in this world. The ones that don’t know how much they invest in marketing and they don’t know how much they get back, the ones that know how much they invest in their marketing but don’t know how much they get back and the ones that they know how much they invest in their marketing and they know how much they get back. Before working with us our client knew how much they were investing in marketing campaigns but didn’t knew how much revenue the campaigns generated. After the CRM implementation the client was able to accurately calculate the marketing campaigns ROI.

In Phase 2 we implemented Pay per Click campaigns on Google AdWords and Email Marketing campaigns.

This project was a success and the client increased the leads and sales even before we expected to happen — at the end of Phase 1. The new website proved to be so good that in one month after launch the website was generating 6 times more leads than the old ones.