Automotive Industry — Romania

The client is one of the largest spare parts supplier and manufacturer in Romania. With a turnover of over €25,000,000, and clients from EMEA to South America.

The company is powerful and established on classic sales channels like B2B. Beside the well-known brands like: Continental, Shell, BMW the company has own brands for products like engine oil, car accumulators or car accessories.

The challenge was to generate awareness for owned brands and to increase sales on the B2B channel.

The services we delivered in this project are:

  1. Web Design
  2. Web Development
  3. Web Measurement Plan
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Marketing and Sales Platform
  6. Pay Per Click Management
  7. Online Competition Research
  8. Business Consultancy

To increase sales on the B2B channel we worked with the client to develop a series of web based applications — some have ecommerce features and some function as lead generation tools for the sales team or for the export department.

Additional to the web based applications we had pay per click campaigns on Google AdWords focused on acquiring new clients and email marketing campaigns that were focusing on promoting the monthly promotions to the existing clients.


At the time we started to work with the client they were using a third party software. For profitability reasons they wanted a proprietary software. The other reasons why they decided to change the platform was the general dissatisfaction that the clients had with the existing one.

We designed and developed for the client a platform that not only was better than the one they were using but it had more features too.

Because the client had over 25,000 products in the portfolio and in order to buy one you almost always had to use the vehicle finder feature speed was a crucial part of the application.

Before going live with the application we selected a number of clients, key employees and we run some usability and speed test on the platform to make sure that everything goes well. When we launched the platform the sales started to grow just as it was expected. As a technical detail we used PrestaShop as the core of the application and on top of it we added an integration with the universal car spare parts database TecDoc.


After the successful implementation that we had with the B2B platform we focused on delivering the next platform that will allow our client to sell more and grow faster — a web based solution for their sale team.

None of the existing Sales Force Automation solutions satisfied completely our client needs. Therefore we had to develop it from scratch. The application was complex and required also an integration with their ERP system — which we successfully did.

The developed application was a responsive one so that the sale team can use it on phone, tablets, notebooks or even PC. The application was also integrated with the universal car spare parts database TecDoc. The project was a huge success for all of us and we often pushed our knowledge to the next level in order to craft performance.