Businesses & ENLION

Big numbers, various sales and marketing channels and a lot of testing and research. This is where we shine.

You have an idea and you need a digital marketing to help you reach your objective? Let’s do that together. Once a company starts growing bigger and bigger, successfully handling all marketing efforts can become a little too difficult. You need to focus on your amazing product or service and we can handle the marketing for you to do that.

ENLION approach in a nutshell

We have two methods of working with our clients (ask for more information about this):

  • Retainer-based arrangements (pay hourly)
  • Contract-based arrangements
  • Outsourcing

During our contract-based arrangements, we aim for imprinting know-how into your company to create a healthy autonomous marketing. I no time your company will successfully handle all marketing efforts with no real distraction from its core operations.


Independent of the type of collaboration, ENLION assigns a team for each project we decide to work on. The team will be consisted of:

Project Manager

The bridge between ENLION and your company will be built by the project manager. One must be assigned from all parties for the best results.

Full Stack Developer

Since amazing design and skilled programming alone cannot yield great results, the development team is working very close with the design team.

Graphic Designer

The entire design process is covered by ENLION. Iterative improvement will be made to the design delivered through split-testing and client feedback.

Marketing Specialist

An independent marketing specialist will bring your company valuable unbiased insights that will lead to efficient marketing strategies.

All these involved parties will form in the end a very strong quality assurance filter.

Consider the big picture

We all have our own different way to solving the same problem. Since there is no product or service living in a vacuum, we do not build our strategies without taking into consideration the big picture.

ENLION is used to envision the end product and how this will affect the entire brand / market it lives in.

Measure and Evaluate Results

Focused on the most critical performance indicators to avoid bottlenecks and clustering, our team will monitor the progress.

To ensure improvement, evaluation must be a collaborative tool. All parties involved will participate in selecting a proper evaluation strategy and automate it for ongoing progress.