BASIC Package

We designed our packages to make sure we can help businesses regardless their online maturity phase. This package includes all elements a business requires to begin its online development.

By selecting the basic package, you will benefit from the following services :

We will walk you through

If you are new to the digital environment or not, it doesn't matter. We will get your business developed in the online and we will walk you through it step by step

We do not recommend separating these 3 services for a new online business or a website redesign.

At the end of the implementation period, you will have an established web presence with a unique design and a good overview upon your industry and your competitors.

Tell your story

At this point, digital marketing channels together form the most powerful tool for you to tell your business's story. We know you have an amazing product or services, but we also know it's really hard sometimes to tell everyone about it without the right tool.

Let us first know your story here and we will come back with a marketing plan for you.


The minimum duration of the BASIC Package is 1 month.

The price for this package is 3,440 €.